Sunday, March 23, 2014

#FoodHunting - Little White Cafe

Olla !

So, the holidays is over. Time flies so fast as two weeks feels like few days. I had done nothing. Seriously, nothing. I've got loads of to-do lists but none of them were accomplished. Damn you girl. Can you just imagine, how my holiday runs all these 14 days ? *crying out loud rolling on the floor* well, its not that bad after all cause all I'd do is relaxing at home, watching movies (I really mean moviessssss), eating GOOD FOODS and spending time with mom and dad which I will never could once the new semester starts. Yes, its kinda boring but this is the time where we supposed to lay down doing nothing, the time where being such an unproductive people is not a crime at all (as a student), right ? As the second last day of my holiday, there goes #foodhunting with my bestfriend, le darling Sabrina. We had went to Little White Cafe, located at Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor. I just go, uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu *eyes were rounded like puss in boots in excited mode* once I entered le cafe.

Tadaa ! Here is the entrance of the cafe. Can you see the decoration ? Isn't it lovely ? OMG, I just fall in love with the decoration and the interior design of this cafe. It feels like home ! Seriously, once you entered this cafe you wont hesitated to try any of the pastries that could be seen in here, believe me. The owner of this cafe, is a lifestyle designer which it was my first time to heard about that profession. She says that this little cute cafe took american lifestyle as the style of designing as well as decoration in it. Not to be forgotten, the foods and beverages as well.

All along the side, there are few hooks, attached at the doors of the cabinets. It is for female customers to hang their bags, purse or somewhat it may took. How creative isn't it ? I just love the idea !

These are some of books been displayed at the cabinet, customers are allowed to take it and read while waiting for their foods.

In the middle of the cafe, there stood a somewhat-bar which the place of making customers' orders. It is so vintage-like but nahhh don't get lied, it is not British style, its American's.

 Don't you feel like home ? It's like you're eating, at your very own house. With such cozy and relaxing yet very calming atmosphere.

We had ordered ice mocha (rm7.90), hot cafe latte with additional caramel flavour (rm8.90), bread butter pudding (rm5.50), classic cheese cake (rm9.50) and potato wedges (rm4.00). As for me, the price is affordable and standardized. The ice mocha is superb I must say. And the cheese cake, yeahh it is very classic in taste. You can feel all the cheese melts in your mouth as for people who are not-so-into-cheese, you definitely are not advised to order this. There are a lot other cakes available here. As for the bread butter pudding, yes it's a MUST TRY ! The custard cream is so creamy and tasty. It is not too cloy and satiated. And for the potato wedges, it surely such a different. Go try it for once, at least. Its good to have a tea time with loved ones (does not apply ONLY for lovers), at this cozy little cute cafe. A come back is definitely.

Till then, xoxo. 

Thanx fer da reading, peeps ;)

Friday, March 14, 2014



Pernah tak terfiir nak tahu future ? Pernah tak terfikir kalau lah dulu aku buat macam ni... Kalau lah dulu aku buat macam tu... I bet everyone must have thought this way, at least once in their lifetime. Alangkah indahnya kalau kita boleh tahu future. Mesti semua orang takkan pernah tersalah langkah, pasti semua orang kecapi bahagia. Tapi malangnya, tiada siapa yang terkuasa. Hidup ini indah. Hidup ini tak susah. Manusia yang buat hidup ni derita, manusia yang buat hidup ni tak bahagia, terseksa. Kenapa ? 

Sebab kononnya kita tahu segalanya. Kononnya kita tahu apa kehendak kita. Kononnya kita tahu apa yang kita perlu. Kebenarannya kita cuma bodoh, golongan yang angkuh. Yang mengaku bijak pandai. Yang mengaku tahu segala hal. Allah itu Maha Segalanya. Dia dah janji, minta lah padaNya sahaja, nescaya akan Dia kurnia. Tapi sayang, bila dah diminta, kita angkuh, kita berlagak. Tak mahu terima apa yang dikurnia, tak mahu bersyukur apa yang ada, konon bajet tahu ohh itu bukan yang aku mahu. Kan dah kata, bodoh. 

Apa yang ada, kita guna. Apa yang tak ada, kita terima. Sebab kita tak tahu future. Benda yang kau minta, itula yang benda kau perlu. Jangan berlagak tahu, andai berurusan dengan penciptamu. Nak hidup bahagia senang je, terima segala benda, dengan tangan terbuka. InsyaAllah ada hikmahnya. Ya, cakap memang senang. Nak buat dia, semua istighfar panjang. Tak kira lah sang muda, mahupun sang tua. Semuanya, serupa. Dah namanya pun insan, semua sama, mana ada sempurna. Tapi, apa gunanya yang namanya usaha ? Boleh je kita, berusaha berubah menjadi lebih baik. Takde sapa kata, benda tu tak baik. Kan ? So, percaya pada yang atas, apa yang Dia beri, kita ambil. Apa yang tak dibagi, kita jangan bebel. Mesti boleh rasa perubahan hidup, lebih bahagia. Hendaknya, Amin.

"When you expect less, the more unexpected things were about to come, to greet your expectation" 

Thanx fer da reading, peeps ;)