Tuesday, November 20, 2012

#MovieReview - Red Lights

Olla !

boring. interesting. boring. interesting. boring. interesting. gahhh I don't know which one exactly resemble the movie. like seriously, I am going to have split personality if continue to choose which one of it  =__=  the movie, was awesome. I mean the main point to be delivered to viewers is great but, the story line is too slow. I repeat, too SLOW ! on the very beginning of the story had shown the gloomy quiet car scene, which made me asked, "eh dah start ?" for a plot in stories, the intro have to be dreadfully attractive in order to attract people to watch it right ? but, its just such a slow intro. just a slow intro. about an hour of the story watched, only then came out scenes which took people to actually concentrate what's going on and it seems to be interesting. an hour ? it took an hour ? now can you imagine how slow the movie went ? you better say so. after all the boring part I've told, there still got interesting part of it. this movie enforce you to THINK. yes, to think what is actually going on in this so-gloomy-movie. and guess what, it relates to physics somehow. HAHA. kay I found out this is funny. it does play with frequencies and psychologies. not much to tell, it is quite a good effort to come out with such idea. such a rare genre to be seen. ohh btw, you won't expect to watch the how is the movie ended. it is an unexpected ending, I would say. seriously, no doubt. ohh and, the hero was quite, good looking, this I must say. wakaka *faceplam. that's all.

Thanx fer da reading, peeps ;)

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