Monday, September 23, 2013

Officially a student of MSU !

Olla :)

hahahhahahahaahaha bapak lama nya nak mampos tak update. pheww pheww *tiup sawang* ohh ye hye hye ! *lelambai tangan* BTW, lepas habis matriks langsung tak hupdate engko. itula poyo namanya. org nak berblog, engko pun nak jugak. orang lain hupdate menghupdate engko buat dono ajo. apo pon tak boleh lah. so, now lepas habis matriks semorang mesty nak further degree kan ? but ada jugak a few of my friends yg further diploma. bagi orang orang yang berpandangan lurus, diorang mesty macam, "ehh buang masanya dye ni dah pegi matriks pastuh buat diploma ? baik la lepas SPM terus masuk diploma macam tu. ehh kenapa macam tu ? ehh macam mana boleh pilih macam ni ? *and this kind of things will continues till seven generation* takleh nak buatpa la, ini memang norma masyarakat yang tidak boleh diubah ataupun mungkin mengambil masaaaaaa yang LAMAAAAA untuk diubah. cause for generations we have been raised and taught this way in our community. for me, it is okay if my friends yang dari matriks ambil diploma. cause firstly, we didn't know whats their story behind all of those options that have been took. it might be dari segi financial, we do not know. or, kalau yg datang dari background ada ada ni, might be they didnt have enough qualification to further in degree, right ? there are lots of reasons why they choose their own path. we as friends, just give our best in moral support. ohh anyway, most of my classmates in BBM, comes from diploma qualification and guess what ? I found that people with diploma that further into degree is wayyyyy more brilliant & intelligent. like seriously, I do feel beated. 

ohh ya !  on 12th september 2013, there is an Oath Taking Ceremony had been done by MSU to officially take us as their students. and now I am officially an undergraduate degree student in biomeds. i really hope this will lead to a brighter future of mine, as well as all of my friends'. as my sister told me, "the most enjoy and favourable moments in stage of life is when you ARE in your college life" I cant wait !



and these two people are my precious muuahhh kiss sikit hihi :*

Thanx fer da reading, peeps ;)

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