Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Hasta La Vista, baby !

Olla !

Hye there delilah ! Okay it's 4.53 in the morning while I'm blogging this entry. Actually, I can't fall asleep. I dont know though, this kind of thing happened whenever Im at home. When Im staying at the hostel, this has never occurred. aiyoyo ! ohh BTW, I am sooooooooo gonna miss my baby FATIN SAMURI. She just left to UK, on 28 September 2013. Y'know, in order to pursuing and achieving dreams, sacrifices have to be done. Well, its not a happy moment for me as the gossip girls are not complete (at the KLIA). hahha ! I know this sound sooooooo GEDIK but hell yeah who cares. I dont give a damn on it. hahahaha. Well, its just me myself, syamima (fatin's close friend since MRSM) annnnnnnnddd a guy name addin (well, practically he is zozo's boyfie, syamima's bestfriend as well as fatin's) its just the 3 of us who are outsider. yeahhhhh I must say at the beginning, I do feel a little bit awkward ! hey of course ! every single person who are present alllllll of them are fatin's relatives so I do not know how to interact with them (at first) but when syamima comes, eventually the stressed was relieved. a BIG THANX to syamima yeayyyy ! *clapclap* hahahaha loser lina is loser. well, the moments at first, is not thaaatttt sad. we can still enjoy, talking here talking there laughing here laughing there (but y'know whats going to happen in the end aite) until maghrib comes. we went to the surau andd taddaaaa ! I met dzul. hahahaha okayyy this is unexpected. totally. and to be true, i aint that excited. yeah well of course Im not. we're not that close during secondary school but yeahhh we were classmates. at first, my phone rings and when I answered, suddenly there's an instinct to look up around and I saw a guy holding a phone to his ear, smiling at me. yeahh its dzul standing in front of me. he wants to make sure it is me. hahahaha, isnt it romantic ? awwwwwwwwww IF AND ONLY IF WE ARE COUPLES OKAY! but fortunately, we are not hihi. I walked to him. I REPEAT, I walked to him. aiyoooo dzul you are so nooooootttt gentleman taww letting a girl to walk towards you. haha. but, i dont even care at all cause it dont have to be that way pun. not necessary. unless if he is danny hihihi ok stop ! we have a quick chit chat before fatin showed up. its just a quick, brief chatting. then, fatin's family went to KFC to have some dinner. okay, here comes the emotional feeling and so on. y'know, its about time already. fatin needs to get in group at 9 pm and the time is close enough. so I have this some kind of tears-want-to-rolling-down-the-cheeks-but-I-insist-not-to-cry-in-front-of fatin feelings. OMG, you never knew how HARD it is to try not to cry in front of the people you love. THE WORST FEELING EVER ! unfortunately, the time has come. hahaha ayat macam haram ! well, sooner or later fatin will eventually left us right ? so yeahhhh, at 9.30 pm, she had to pass the gateway. I SERIOUSLY HATE THAT GATEWAY ! and the police who guard the gateway. hahahaha not related at all ! basically, nowadays we have lots of high-technology devices that can link us eventhough we are miles apart so no need to be sooooo emotional (I guess) but I failed. hahahaha once again, macam haram. 

Fatin, even we are miles apart, I hope you will never forget us (gossip girls), here in Malaysia. cewahhhhh ayat. You gonna have to work harder yaww, be stronger too ! we love you, and we always do. seriously, I already missing you. yeahh I know it makes no difference, if you are in Malaysia, its not that we often meet each other aite but the fact that you are faaarrr away from us that my brain are digesting right now ponder the heart to MISS you, a lot. take care baby, insyaAllah, one fine day the 3 of us will have the chance to go and visit you there, amiin. hehe. (fairytale sangat)

I LOVE YOU fatin :*
orang pegi airport vogue vogue aku tgk. aku pakai tudung sarung xde inner, senget benget. apadehal !

alalalala cecomel dye hahaha

budak kanan tu paling kuat nangis hihihi

ohh haa ni la dzul nya

hye ! ni la kawan baru iolls hihihi. syamima :)

tengok tuuuu tengokk tuuuu mengendeng je ammar dgn bibik.

k time ni fatin dah mencurah-curah bak air terjun dah

time ni aku pulak yang mencurah-curah. ya Allah rindunya :(


Thanx fer da reading, peeps ;)

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